Peter Cadogan


Sadly, our friend, ex Club Captain, team-mate and one of the founding members of Baycity Strollers Peter passed away in August aged just 68. Peter was passionate about Baycity and was a true gentleman on and off the pitch. He will be greatly missed by all at Baycity and the wider walking football community.


Birth year: 1954

Family: 1 wife, 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren (2 girls and 2 boys, all playing football in Kent teams!)

Occupation: So-called retired, but running around watching grandkids play sport in the South East!

Nickname: Papa, Grampa  & Skip.

Favourite Team: Pompey!

Favourite player of all time: George Best

Strangest Moment: Meeting Terry Paine (ex-1966 World Cup medal winner) at a rooftop market in Johannesburg, introducing myself as “Peter from Portsmouth” & calling him a ‘scummer’!

Proudest moment: The birth of my 4 grandkids & playing a part in bringing them up.

Hobbies: Golf, Walking, Gardening, Travelling.

Ambition: Live till I’m a 100 years young.

Best thing about BCS: Without doubt the banter & camaraderie.


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Bob Nutter


Sadly, our friend and team-mate Bob passed away in early March 2020 - just short of his 61st birthday.  Goalscorer, rollercoaster aficionado and quizmaster supreme - we'll really miss you, Bob.


Birth year: 8th March 1959.  I am into my 7th decade? Work that out!

Family: Yes, father & brother. My brother is called Andrew, so he is a nutter.

Occupation: Retired. Ex HMRC tax collector.

Previous jobs: Only job since leaving school. When at school I worked for a butcher delivering meat, and at an ice cream parlour. Also delivered papers.

Favourite team: The mighty Burnley

Favourite player of all time: Steve Kindon.

Hobbies / Interests: Theme parks, music, reading autobiographies and travel.

Ambitions: To win a game. To live a long and prosperous life.

Other thoughts??: The higher a monkey climbs the more it shows its arse.


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Jim Dobson

Birth year: 1958

Family: Joycey!

Occupation: Victoria Flooring

Team: I support Leeds United

Favourite team: Brazil 1970

Favourite players: the great Billy Bremner and Big Jack Charlton

Hobbies/pastimes: walking football, bit of golf, model railways, beer, 70's Rock Golden Earring, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and many more (some newer stuff is ok), Star Trek and sci fi.  When I stopped playing Sunday football took up running and was stupid enough to do the London marathon (3 times).

Ambition: to walk quicker but definitely not run!

Dislike: conceding goals....

Favourite holiday destination: North America


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Lawrence Hall-Daniels

Birth year: 1995 (Monday night) 1955 (Tuesday morning)

Family: married with four children, 6 grandchildren, one very large dog (see picture, imagine facing that in goal!)) and two cats.

Nicknames: The Cat, (in my dreams). Only real nickname I ever had was in 6th form and it was “Dumpit” (don’t ask). Oh … and “Lorraine” of course (again, don’t ask).

Occupation: Fighter pilot, hired assassin, full time fantasist.

Previous job: see above

Favourite team: BayCity Strollers or The Arsenal Team of 1971

Favourite player: Peter Cadogan (unless it is a penalty shootout and then it has got to be Neville).

Ambition: To play in the Champions League Final for Arsenal in goal and save a last minute penalty, failing that to find a pound coin in the street.

Other ambition: to play/live long enough to see Kevin Joyce retire.


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Steve Woodward

Birth year: 1961

Family: 2 sons, 3 grandsons (2 Chelsea, 2 Man Utd, 1 undecided – but he is only 2 years old!)

Occupation: I’m a Product Manager for Openreach.  Just completed 30 years with BT!

Previous jobs: Shop assistant, milkman, tyre fitter, gardener, night shift in a Dutch bakery.  I once worked on the yacht that was in Mama Mia!

Favourite team: Manchester United.

Favourite player of all time: George Best

Favourite holiday:  Garden Route, South Africa

Ambition:  To live long and prosper.

Claim to Fame:  I once gave Sonny Curtis a lift back to his hotel from the Albert Hall.  He wrote my favourite song by my favourite band – The Clash.  Google it!

Best thing about BayCity Strollers??:  Without a doubt, the camaraderie.



Nigel Warne

Birth year: c 1956

Family: Married (twice), 4 children, 8 grandchildren (and counting)

Occupation: Still trying to stay afloat...... See above!

Previous jobs: Retired Kent Fire Brigade - Operational.  Now got 3 P/T jobs - will never retire.

Favourite team: Spurs

Favourite player of all time:  Pat Jennings..... "Hands like shovels"

Hobbies/interests:  Cooking / cleaning / ironing / shopping

Ambition: to stop lying.... See previous!

Claim to Fame: Gave Miss Great Britain a fireman's lift..... (That is actually true!)

Other thoughts??: No-one knows who invented the sprinkler system as the patent was lost..... in a fire.



George Evans

Birth year:   9th September 1957 - Montego Bay Jamaica 
Migrated to the UK 1967 aged 10 as a young ' Windrusher '.
Family:   3 grown daughters and 3 grandsons, eldest age 9 and sporting mad!
Occupation:   Retired pensioner.
Previous jobs:   Worked at Manston Airport / KIA for 17 years as Manager Seabourne Shipping / Express / UPS.  Emigrated back to Jamaica in 1992 and ran several owner Business.
Favourite team:   Man U after watching the 1968 European Cup Final and the 1970 complete Brazil team.
Favourite player:  The incomparable George Best as well as in cricket 'Sir Viv'.
Hobbies:   Travel Travel Travel. Enjoy Live West End and Broadway shows, playing and watching live sports especially Athletics, Live Music concerts, so many great ones over the year ! Involvement in Football Administration in Jamaica, and My Grand Kids.
Claim to Fame:   Class mates of John MC and Jim at KESS.
Great Lifetime Sporting Moments: 
Hitting a 6 and clearing the Frank Woolley Stands at St. Lawrence County Ground and landing over other  side 
Playing for Jamaica Masters Football 1999 at the iconic Sabina Park Cricket Stadium Kingston verses Brazil WC legends. Included  for Brazil  were Zico, Careca, Branco, Cereza to name a few . Lost 2 1
Jamaica Reggae Boyz qualifying for the 1998 WC in France, followed by the Women's team again in  France 2019. Went as part of Jamaican Delegation.
A hat-trick of penalties for Herne Bay Reserves in 1980 in 6 minutes, certified in the Guinness Book of records as the quickest in football history.
Playing in the WFA World Nations Cup Walking Football for the Caribbean over 60's Select team. 
Reached the Quarter Finals verses eventual winners England.  Forfeited the game as a matter of Principle only to afterwards discover we had been lied to by the person we supported on the issue. Gutted !! 
Other thoughts:   Really enjoy playing Walking Football with Bay City Strollers and Minster, great team mates and camaraderie.

Peter Worley

Birth year: 1949

Family: 3 sons, married to Pat

Occupation: Retired (busiest job in the world – ask any retiree!)

Previous jobs: College principal (for overseas students); before that, taught English in France, worked in a bank, a brewery, a supermarket, a jeweller’s shop, waiting tables and on a farm.

Favourite team: Spurs (and soft spot for Watford)

Favourite player of all time: Jimmy Greaves – who else??

Claim to fame:  Signed as a goalkeeper for Watford FC Youth for a year and trained with Tony Currie!

Hobbies/Interests: Travel, any sport (keep-fit, swimming, cycling), digital photography, languages, fiddling on computers, gardening, DIY

Other thoughts: Walking Football is brilliant - new lease of life!

Ambition: Win another Player of the Year award (see previous one below!)


Peter Worley


Chris Le Corney

Birth year: 1953

Family: Wife Janice and son Daniel

Occupation: Retired, but no spare time!

Previous jobs: Spent 25 years working for BR on the Freight side, and then as a Project Manager for Railtrack and Network Rail.

Favourite team: I am a season ticket holder at Charlton, but not sure they currently qualify under a “Team” heading!

Favourite player of all time: Would have to be a Charlton one out of Colin Powell, Derek Hales, Clive Mendonca.

Hobbies/Interests: I spend a lot of time running the “Wagon Group” on the Mid-Hants Watercress Line (

Ambitions: To carry on being injury free, and get a better connection between the brain, foot and ball...........


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Martin Millbank

Birth year: 1962

Nickname: Mills, Milly

Family: Married with 2 girls, 1 boy 

Occupation: Certified Accountant 

Job: Finance Manager at Surestart centres

Favourite team: West Ham

Favourite player of all time: Geoff Hurst

Hobbies: Golf, tennis, watching live music, bike rides & travelling

Ambition: To play walking football for England!


Profiles M Millbank 15-10-7_opt


Kevin Joyce

Birth year: 1963

Family: yes, Jim Dobson!

Occupation: you mean Employed - yes

Previous jobs: None, left school at 16 and still employed with same company

Favourite team: Holland 1978 World Cup

Favourite player of all time: Peter Cadogan

Hobbies / Interests: Travel/ Pub

Ambitions: To retire

Other thoughts??: How do I retire quicker?


Profiles K Joyce 16-01_best


John McKellar

Birth year: 1958

Family: Married to Debbie: 2 sons, 1 daughter, 5 grandchildren, 1 brother, 1 sister

Occupation: Professional Football Coach

Previous jobs: Some people say………. “He’s never worked in his life”

Favourite teams: Leeds United, Charlton Athletic, Scotland.

Favourite player of all time: Got to be…. Billy Bremner.

Hobbies / Interests:  Good malt whisky, good women & good music.  “What else is there?”

Ambitions: To take over the WORLD and banish pizza.

Biggest influences: Charlton and Liverpool F.C. legend Bob Bolder. I owe it all to Bob (cheers, mate).

Other thoughts??:  “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” And finally: Too many people are walking around unmedicated, unsupervised, and affecting my life!!!!



Trevor Hayman

Birth year:  1945

Family:  Married, 2 children, 2 grandsons

Occupation:  Retired

Previous occupation:  Nightclub / pub manager

Favourite player:  George Best

Hobbies:  Hockey

Ambition:  Survival !

Claim to Fame:  County hockey player




Will Jarman

Birth year:  1958

Family: partner, 3 children, one granddaughter, dog, cat

Occupation: TEFL teacher

Previous jobs: washing up at Pavs cafe for 15p an hour

Favourite teams: Chelsea and Margate

Favourite player of all time: too many to list here!

Hobbies / Interests: Most sports but especially football. Doing voluntary work with the homeless and refugees. Hugging trees. Dressing up as a lady in pantos.

Ambitions: For us Bs to win a match

Other thoughts??: Leicester to win the Champions League


Profiles W Jarman 16-02


Robin Rae Jr.

Birth year:  1964

Family:  Yes

Occupation:  Contracts manager

Previous occupation:  Ceiling fixer / Joiner

Favourite team:  Hibs

Favourite player:  Pat Stanton

Hobbies:  Wine…Women…Song!

Ambition:  None

Claim to Fame:  Too many to mention….

Other thoughts:  Not really!



John Marshall

Nicknames:  Neville, or BJ

Birth year:  1958

Family:  Wife & 3 children

Occupation:  Retired

Previous jobs:  Civil Servant, College Manager, Commissioning Engineer

Favourite teams:  Welsh Rugby Union team.  I follow West Ham and Swansea City football teams.

Favourite player of all time:  Rugby – Gareth Edwards. Football – Ian Rush

Hobbies / Interests:  Rugby Union, football, cricket, tennis etc.

New hobbies:  Archery (longbow), singing (male voice choir), Walking Football

Ambitions: To lose 4 stone!

Other thoughts??:  Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind!


Profiles J Marshall 16-02


Peter Bryant

Birth year: 1961

Family: Wife & 3 kids.... 2 grandkids + one on the way

Occupation: Retired!!

Previous jobs: Barman, Insurance Development Agent, Book Salesman, Taxman, Customs Officer.

Favourite team: West Ham United

Favourite all time players: Bobby Moore, Matt Le Tissier, Tony Currie, Frank Worthington, Stan Bowles

Hobbies: My beautiful wife of course!; kids & grandkids; food & drink; Australia especially.... but all travel; cricket.

Claim to fame: In 2005 I won Channel 4 Racing Champion Tipster competition!!

Ambitions: To stay alive as long as possible and laugh a lot.

Thoughts: After a long time in hospital, a long rehab and a mass of daily medication just playing walking football is a gift from the gods!!!  WF is great for exercise and social side with lots of great people, so get involved!!


Profiles P Bryant 16-01_opt


Michael Waters

Birth year: 1967

Family: Mrs J Waters

Occupation: Catering Tutor/Trainer

Previous jobs: Pub/Restaurant manager and chef

Favourite team:  Watford - SORRY!

Favourite all time player:  Liam Brady

Hobbies:  Photography - Cooking - Travel

Ambition: To write a cookery book

Claim to fame: My sausage rolls!

Other thoughts: When you reach 50 accept it and learn to make the most of everything and enjoy life providing you keep taking the tablets.

Proudest moment:  Finally tying the knot last year with my beautiful wife.



Philip Sabin-Dawson

Birth year: 1966 – born one of the famous Dawson clan.

Family: Wife (Kerry), Son (Joshua), Daughters (Isabella & Celena-Rose), cocker spaniel (Indie).

Occupation: Transport Manager of Eric Mattheeuws UK Ltd – a different puzzle to solve every day.

Nickname: Baldrick – from Black Adder – the lads at work noticed that one of my favorite sayings was “I have a cunning plan” so the nickname stuck.

Favourite team: Manchester United.

Favourite player of all time: So many names - Ronaldo, Scholes, Cantona, Keane, Robson, Macari and of course Maradona & Zidane, BUT if I had to name one, I always come back to Liam Brady, a midfield master when I was growing up – just a shame he played for Arsenal!

Hobbies/Interests:  Football (playing & watching), tennis, tenpin bowling, music and playing the violin, 1000 piece puzzles, drinking Real Ale and of course, spending time with the family.

Ambitions: To play football for as long as possible, a BIG thank you to Terry Brown & Nigel Brett for persuading me to come up to BayCity Strollers.

Favourite Holiday:  Santa Cruz, California – 3 times is not enough and I would stay there if I could.  Really want to return to Ireland (only visited for the weekend following an invite to a wedding) as I’m a born fiddle player – enjoyed the Guinness too!

Other thoughts: for England football team to win the Euros or World Cup before I die – that’s the men’s senior team by the way....



Tony Orpwood

Birth year: 1956

Nickname: Toony

Family:  Married to Chris since 1978. Two daughters both married ro police officers. Blessed with four grandchildren.

Occupation:  Retired from Aviation Insurance broking firm.

Favourite team:  Newcastle United.

Hobbies / interests:  Walking football / theatre / movies / holidays / red wine. 

Ambitions:  To play walking football for many years and to live a long life.

Other thoughts:  To win the East Kent league




Gordon Hatt

Birth year: 1960

Nickname: Too many to mention

Family: 1 wife, Liz and 2 children, Izzy and Daniel

Occupation: Retired redundant retailer

Favourite team: Celtic

Favourite players of all time: Jimmy Johnstone, Pat Jennings, Dick Tydeman

Hobbies / Interests: My dog, many sports, gardening

Ambition: Keep going

Rob Lynn

Birth year: 1956

Nickname (since joining BayCity Strollers): Pierluigi Collina

Family: 1 daughter, 1 son and 3 grandchildren (1 boy and 2 girls)

Occupation: Retired in 2013 after 40 years’ service as a member of Police Staff with the Met Police

Favourite team: Chelsea

Favourite players of all time: Peter Osgood, Ruud Gullit, Gianfranco Zola, Lionel Messi

Hobbies / Interests: Football, gardening, Playstation, gadgets, Apple products, colouring and music

Ambitions: To play walking football for as long as my body allows!!!

Other thoughts: Did the person that invented the door knocker win the Nobel Prize?


Profiles R Lynn 16-01_opt


Bill Hammond

Birth year: 1953

Family: Married to Sue for nearly 18 years.  Between us we have 4 children, 8 grandchildren & 1 great-grandson.  5 of them live with us so all a bit hectic.

Occupation: Soon to be retired -19 February 2016!

Previous jobs: 25 years with NatWest in Oxford then Thanet followed by 17 years with Border Force.   

Favourite team: Spurs, though we don't win much!  Soft spot for Southport (the town of my birth), Oxford Utd and Oxford City where I grew up and went to school. 

Favourite players of all time: Jimmy Greaves; Graham Atkinson (Oxford Utd and brother of Ron); Bobby Moore; Pat Jennings. 

Hobbies / Interests: Lucky to have found teams willing to put up with me at Rugby Union, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton and Chess and to have enjoyed some success at all of them.  

Ambitions: To continue to enjoy my football with BayCity Strollers and not make too much of a fool of myself.  To spend lots of time with my extended family, especially Sue, and to give them all the love and attention that they deserve.        

Strangest experience:  In a pub in Weston-on- the-Green when Prince Charles walked in and stood next to me at the bar.  He ordered drinks for his enormous bodyguards, but didn't pay - Royalty never carry money.  No, he didn't buy me a drink!!

Best sporting experiences:  Cricket - Scoring my one and only century, taking 5 wickets in an innings and a hat-trick with my very gentle leg breaks.  Football - Scoring a goal with my left foot from outside the box. Rugby: displacing a regular County player from my U19 Colts team, while still only 17.

Best things about BayCity Strollers:  The incredible camaraderie.  The easy way in which I was accepted into the club.  The fact that I am still able to play football, albeit badly, at my advanced age.  Long may it continue.


Profiles B Hammond2 16-01-18


Andrew Ridler

Birth year:  1951

Family:  Older brother who’s given up sport and younger brother who was crap at all sports.

Occupation:  Retired

Previous occupation:  Architect

Favourite team:  Bristol Rovers (even though they’re rubbish!)

Favourite player:  Me!

Hobbies:  WF, snooker, golf and drinking!

Ambitions:  See as much of the world as possible (before the terrorists take over)

Claim to Fame:  Scored 7 goals in one league match (when I was 16!)

Other thoughts:  Try to avoid it!



Stephen North

Birth Year:  1960

Family:   Full set including wife of 30 yrs,  2 grown men I’m trying  get rid of and the dog (all mad!)

Nickname:  Northy

Occupation:  Retired to the garage

Previous jobs:  National Coal Board (closed), TML (closed), Pfizers (part-closed ) - sensing a theme here! -  Brakes Food Service (redundancy).  Mostly stuck behind a desk managing Budgets, Buildings, H&S, Assets….mainly at Pfizers.

Favourite team:   Derby County (see mad)

Favourite player:  Archie Gemmill, but Barry Sheene/Ron Halsam were my real heros.

Hobbies:  Passion for motorcycles - restoring and riding them - mainly Italian and Japanese from the 70’s/80’s.  Learnt to rebuild wheels, nickel plating and can “magically” fix most things.  In between the bikes I walk the dog, DIY, and garden (the boring stuff) - and still play computer games  (I’m 24  really - honest!)      

Ambitions:  According to my sons,  it’s to own more bikes than the Haynes motor museum.  To keep healthy, I suppose, and go through my “ to do list” (wife included in most of them!).

Claim to fame:  Does the loudest sneeze in the county/country count ?  You’ve been warned!     

Other thoughts:  Bikes, more bikes….