Peter Worley

Birth year: 1949

Family: 3 sons, married to Pat

Occupation: Retired (busiest job in the world – ask any retiree!)

Previous jobs: College principal (for overseas students); before that, taught English in France, worked in a bank, a brewery, a supermarket, a jeweller’s shop, waiting tables and on a farm.

Favourite team: Spurs (and soft spot for Watford)

Favourite player of all time: Jimmy Greaves – who else??

Claim to fame:  Signed as a goalkeeper for Watford FC Youth for a year and trained with Tony Currie!

Hobbies/Interests: Travel, any sport (keep-fit, swimming, cycling), digital photography, languages, fiddling on computers, gardening, DIY

Other thoughts: Walking Football is brilliant – new lease of life!

Ambition: Win another Player of the Year award (see previous one below!)


Peter Worley


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