Stephen North

Birth Year:  1960

Family:   Full set including wife of 30 yrs,  2 grown men I’m trying  get rid of and the dog (all mad!)

Nickname:  Northy

Occupation:  Retired to the garage

Previous jobs:  National Coal Board (closed), TML (closed), Pfizers (part-closed ) – sensing a theme here! –  Brakes Food Service (redundancy).  Mostly stuck behind a desk managing Budgets, Buildings, H&S, Assets….mainly at Pfizers.

Favourite team:   Derby County (see mad)

Favourite player:  Archie Gemmill, but Barry Sheene/Ron Halsam were my real heros.

Hobbies:  Passion for motorcycles – restoring and riding them – mainly Italian and Japanese from the 70’s/80’s.  Learnt to rebuild wheels, nickel plating and can “magically” fix most things.  In between the bikes I walk the dog, DIY, and garden (the boring stuff) – and still play computer games  (I’m 24  really – honest!)      

Ambitions:  According to my sons,  it’s to own more bikes than the Haynes motor museum.  To keep healthy, I suppose, and go through my “ to do list” (wife included in most of them!).

Claim to fame:  Does the loudest sneeze in the county/country count ?  You’ve been warned!     

Other thoughts:  Bikes, more bikes….



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