22 February 2018: Ebbsfleet 4 v BayCity Strollers 7

I was a non-playing injured spectator, so was able to keep some notes, which was just as well as it was a high scoring match! 
The game was played at Goals Dartford, which are quite small pitches – well, compared to Bay Point!
The first 5 minutes were fairly even, but then Martin struck the first goal for us, and this was quickly followed a mazy dribble from him for his second. I lost count of how many players he beat!
His hat trick followed shortly afterwards with another dribble through the Ebbsfleet defence, followed by a dummy to the keeper and slotting into the net.
Ebbsfleet hit back just before half time with a shot that Lawrence parried, but it crept agonisingly over the goal line.
The second half started evenly but Ebbsfleet pulled another goal back, and a subsequent Lawrence throw out went straight to their lurking forward (we were playing in the blue bibs Lawrence!), who promptly found the back of the net!
Amazingly Ebbsfleet then took the lead with a long shot into the corner, and there were only abut 4 minutes left!
We kept playing football and at last our second half luck changed and Kevin scored our 4th. Goal of the season he said, but he says that about all his goals……….
Ebbsfleet then seemed to tire a bit, and Martin scored another two goals (making him 5 in total!), followed by Peter Cadogan with another at the end. So a topsy-turvy game, but the best team won in the end.
Chris Le Corney

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