7/02/2022 : Minutes of BayCity Strollers Committee meeting

Meeting of BayCity Strollers Committee on 7 February 2022 at BayPoint Present: Peter Worley, Jim Dobson, Lawrence Hall-Daniels, Peter Cadogan, John McKellar,


(Apologies from Martin Millbank)


1. Matters Arising from meeting of 13 September 2021


1.1 Membership numbers: This had been discussed extensively at the previous meeting. Martin had written to point out that over the last 12 months we have never had more than 24 paying members for any one week. The club has never set out to expand beyond its current size and to do so would not necessarily be desirable.


ACTION: We will continue to cap Monday evening numbers at 24, with the requirement to notify Lawrence in advance of attendance. Any member who is unable to book one of the 24 places will be guaranteed a place on the following Monday. If we regularly have too many existing members wanting to play, we will look at alternatives like a second daytime session.


1.2 First Aid: John encouraged committee members to take the Kent FA online First Aid course to ensure that there is always someone on a Monday evening with this training.


ACTION: We agreed to do this and the club will cover the cost.


2. Affiliation: The club has been approached by both the Walking Football Association and the Kent FA Walking Football League about affiliation. It was decided that WFA membership wasn’t for us, but that we have to affiliate to Kent FA if we wish to participate in the Walking Football League. This is now a more attractive proposition as the only cost is insurance, which Kent FA have agreed to cover at the outset at least. John reminded us that any costs associated with league football (e.g. pitch and any referee fees or fines) must be covered by participants and not by the club.



ACTION: Rob Lynn to inform the 2 associations of our decisions and to contact interested members.



3. Monday evenings: Jim put forward 3 proposals regarding Monday evening sessions which were agreed as follows:




3.1 It was agreed that we will always play with goalkeepers, rather than empty nets or cones. If teams do not have a recognised goalkeeper, players will be expected to take a turn in goal, perhaps for 5 minutes at a time. To be evaluated after a few weeks.


3.2 Refereeing strictness will be increased with running and fouling punished initially with a 30 second ‘freeze’, and further offences by a 2 minute sin-bin.


3.3 Rob Rae and Jim will organise Monday evening games, sorting out the teams etc. This has been the pattern recently and has helped to improve overall play and behaviour.


The committee were keen to emphasise the importance of Jim’s position as Club Captain. Jim will field any issues, concerns or suggestions raised by members – either at the end of each session or subsequently by email – and will put these to the committee at the next meeting.


ACTION: Lawrence to inform members of these changes before the next session.


4. AOB:


4.1 Peter felt, and it was agreed, that committee meeting minutes should be posted on the club website and therefore available to all members.


ACTION: Peter to ask Rob Lynn to arrange this on the website.


4.2 Members agreed that with fewer Covid restrictions we will now endeavour to meet more regularly, ideally every 3-4 months.

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