13/09/2021 : Minutes of BayCity Strollers Committee meeting

Meeting of BayCity Strollers Committee on 13 September 2021 at BayPoint

Present: Peter Worley, Jim Dobson, Martin Millbank, Peter Cadogan, John McKellar Jim Dobson was welcomed as the new Club Captain at his first committee meeting.


1. Membership numbers: John asked the committee to consider whether we should continue the current policy of not accepting any new members. There has been quite a lot of interest in joining the club, and 3 or 4 players currently attending sessions at The Sticky Wicket have asked about joining. It seems that Sticky Wicket funding for WF is coming to an end, so this adds to the pressure.



There was considerable discussion of this matter. The idea of a second weekly session was not supported as this would be unlikely to break even. Even if a small number of new members was agreed, we would soon be in the same position when more new people applied. Lawrence, who had written to express his opposition to increasing the membership, had looked at Monday evening attendances and found that the vast majority of current members attended regularly. Attendance numbers have been very high and not under 20 for some considerable time, with the result that we can rarely play on the full pitch. We are frequently at what is generally agreed as a desirable maximum of 24 players in 4 teams, and if anything, we should restrict current members to this figure.


It was agreed that we should continue not to accept new members, but to review the situation if attendances regularly fall below 20. We should also continue Lawrence’s weekly request to members to confirm their attendance, and to use this system to cap numbers at 24 players.


ACTION: Lawrence to message all members to remind them that confirmation of Monday evening attendance is required for all players. If Lawrence receives the maximum of 24 confirmations, then he should tell any further confirmations that there is no room on that day.


2. First Aid: John raised concerns over the lack of First Aiders in the club. To the best of his knowledge, he is the only member with current First Aid certification. This has meant that for recent league games, no First Aider has been present. It was agreed that we should encourage members to do a First Aid course so that there is always someone present with this training.


ACTION: John will contact the FA to find out about availability of First Aid training. Once we know this, Lawrence should contact members to ask for volunteers. Depending on numbers, BCS will consider covering some or all of the costs.


3. League game charges: Currently, participants pay £5 for a home match but nothing for an away match. The committee felt that this does not always enable the club to cover all its costs and would recommend a payment of £5 per participant at both home and away matches.


ACTION: Lawrence to email / WhatsApp members to ask if they agree to this change in charges YES/NO.


4. Covid situation: Martin asked what the current BCS policy is regarding the Covid situation. Although there are no longer any official restrictions, the committee want to continue as we are at present. Namely, members may only attend sessions if they are double-jabbed, and John will continue his admirable work in washing bibs each week, and sanitising footballs, cones, goals etc.


ACTION: Lawrence to message all members to remind them that attendance is conditional on their being double-jabbed.

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