19/4/2023 : Kent Football Association Walking Football League AGM

The Kent Football Association ‘Walking Football League’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place on Wednesday  19th April 2023. Gordon Hatt represented both the Over 50s and Over 60s league teams on behalf of Baycity Strollers.



The minutes of the AGM are recorded below.





Minutes of the AGM of the Kent FA Walking Football League, held at Invicta House, on Wednesday 19th April 2023. The meeting began at 6:35pm.




Apologies for Absence:


  1. Confirmation of minutes of last AGM and accounts from last season

It was outlined that these were not able to be produced as they were previously held by Ron Boddy. The income and expenditure from last season were talked through. The group had no problems with this. 


  1. Affiliation

HB explained that the affiliation window is from July 1st – June 30th. Clubs will be able to affiliate with the CFA for the 2023/24 season prior to July 1st. 

HB explained that this should be taken into account when thinking of the start date for the new season, otherwise, new clubs would have to affiliate twice.


  1. Constitution for the ensuing season

HB outlined the proposed constitution for next season, which contains a 60+ East, 60+ West, 50+ East and 50+ West Division. This is in line with the constitution of the previous season.

This was voted to remain the same, rather than County wide divisions. 

There were a couple of amendments made to the teams in specific divisions, i.e. Sheppey Warriors and West Kingsdown being removed from the 50+ West Division. 

It was agreed that this would be finalised and distributed following the outcomes from the AGM.


  1. Election of Competition Officers and Management Committee members (if necessary).

HB stated the importance of a structured committee and that he would not be part of the core committee next season, which would help make the league more sustainable. He then outlined that he had received interest from 5 individuals following the email outlining 6 positions that would be required for the following season. 

HB introduced the 5 people that were going for the committee positions and then they were voted on. Following the vote, the following individuals were voted into the positions outlined below. 

  • Vince Luckhurst (Maidstone United) – Chairman and Fixture Secretary
  • Colin Feaver (Woodchurch) – Secretary
  • Francis Empson (Margate) – Discipline Secretary
  • Dave Elsom (Chatham Town) – Treasurer
  • Dave Abbott (Maidstone United) – Registration Secretary

HB said that he would arrange meetings with different members of the committee, to support them with their roles. It was also suggested that the core committee should meet prior to the beginning of the league and then approximately every 2 months after that.


  1. Alteration of Rules, if any (see Rule 14).

The following rules were discussed and voted in during the AGM.

20.A – All Competition Matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game FA 2023.  

20.E.1 – Teams will play each other one, two or three times in the season depending on the size of the division.

New rule – There will be a two-week window for each team to play each fixture. The home team should offer a day of the week/ weekend to play the fixture (for both weeks in the two-week window). If the game cannot be played, the management committee will be able to decide the outcome by arranging a date for the fixture or awarding points.

Discussion on the ‘New rule’ outlined above, concluded that fixtures should be arranged prior to/ at the beginning of the season if possible. If not, clubs will have until the end of their 2-week window to arrange the game, otherwise the committee will step-in. If a game cannot be arranged due to venue availability, then clubs should look at playing at the away venue or a neutral venue.


  1. Agree on the date for the beginning of the Playing Season.

It was voted on and agreed that fixtures would begin on the 1st of July.


  1. Agree on the date for the end of the Playing Season.

It was voted on and agreed that fixtures would conclude on the 29th of February, with February being left for rearranged fixtures.


  1. Any other business 

Clubs were asked if they had any other business. 

It was asked if there would be registration fees. It was agreed and voted on that there would be £10 per team entry fees. These fees would go into the account opened by the Treasurer, it would be up to the committee on how to spend this money in the season, with medals being a suggestion. 

It was asked if we would use the same referees. HB said that we would need to get a new list of people that had completed a Walking Football Referee workshop and a supplementary list of people that want to referee but are yet to complete a workshop/ course.



The meeting concluded around 8:20pm.




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