22/02/2022 : Changes to Monday night football

This information was emailed to all club members on 13 February 2022 by Lawrence.

At our recent committee meeting a number of subjects were discussed. There are to be some changes that we propose to come in to force.


  • The Committee now intend to meet up at least every 3 to 4 months.
  • Jim Dobson will act as the club player representative for any issues, problems or questions that need to be put to the committee for consideration.
  • All games on a Monday will be played with goalkeepers rather than empty nets or cones. If the team you are playing in does not have a recognised goalkeeper every player will be expected to take a turn in goal. This will be evaluated after a few weeks.
  • Refereeing strictness will be increased with running and fouling being punished initially with a 30 second freeze, further offences by a 2 minute sin bin. It is a difficult job refereeing these games with very little thanks but please if you don’t agree with the decisions realise that it is done with the best of intentions.
  • Rob Rae will officially be in control of the session sorting out the teams etc Since Rob has been organising our Monday night our play and overall behaviour has improved. We can still do better though and although occasionally running and contact will still happen it is in everyone’s interest to slow down and have minimal contact.
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