10/3/2019: National League South Over 60s (3 matches at Romford)

Over the coming months, BayCity Strollers will be facing the best of the South East in a series of round-robin matches. The results each month will go towards a league table, the top 2 of the league will then match their skills against the top 2 in the northern league, to see who is the best in the country. Today’s round-robin was against Romford, Cheshunt and Bexley. The 3 matches were 20 mins in length, with a brief half time and change of ends.


Match 1: Cheshunt  1 v BayCity Strollers  2 (Mick & Peter)

Match 2:  BayCity Strollers  1 v Romford  6 (Mick, Terry OG!)

Match 3:  Bexley  1 v BayCity Strollers  3 (Steve, Peter & Colin)



For full Results and Match Reports, click HERE.


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