Wednesday 29 August 2018 BayCity Strollers (60+) v Eastleigh (60+): 0-1

This was the 3rd round (quarter-finals) of the WFA Nationals Cup (60+), played at BayPoint in pouring rain.

In this tightest of games between 2 evenly-matched teams, BayCity were unlucky to lose 0-1. 

It took us a while to get going, with most of the early traffic moving in Lawrence’s direction.  Fortunately, Lawrence was in good form, pulling off a number of excellent saves before he was forced off with a leg injury.  John Mc took over in goal and surprised us all with his competence – especially with one good save using his foot!

In the second half, we managed more shots on goal – though too many of these were blasted high or wide and didn’t provide enough of a challenge for their keeper.  Eastleigh moved the ball upfield much more quickly using their central attacker to receive and lay off the ball – a tactic we’d do well to emulate.  Even so, they only managed a couple of shots on target throughout the second half.

The winning goal came midway through the second half – nicely set up and well-struck along the ground into the corner.  BayCity never gave up and played some good football with quick one-touch interchanges.  All who took part were a credit to the club.

Aside from a few early challenges from behind, the game was played in the right spirit and we wish Eastleigh good luck in the round-robin semi-finals in Solihull.

Peter Worley

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