Friday 18 May 2018: BayCity Strollers (50+) 0 v Herne Bay (50+) 10

This WFA Cup 50+ match was against our old (well 50+) rivals from Herne Bay. This took place at BayPoint on Friday 18th May.  
Herne Bay had their full first team squad out (including their England internationals), whilst BayCity, although with 16 registered players, could only muster a bare minimum of 6 together.  This was just as well, as it was 6 a side!
Lawrence played outfield and Steve played in goal.  It would be fair to say that Herne Bay gave a textbook exhibition of how to play walking football, and one can only admire their passing,control and movement.  For us to try and match them, we at least need our strongest squad available.
It was 0-3 at half time, and the final score was 0-10.  We kept going to the end, and we had a few shots which were just high and wide, but seemingly every time we did actually get the ball in the Herne Bay half, they broke away and scored against us!  Steve was obviously kept rather busy, but I don’t think any of the goals could be blamed on any mistakes by him.
Chris Le Corney

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