9/11/2015: BayCity Strollers B 1 Herne Bay 1

The second match of the evening in this cornucopia of football was a friendly between Bay B Strollers and Herne Bay. The result a very creditable draw for both sides.

Both sides made light of the conditions and the late hour and produced a very entertaining game that thrilled the crowd and their carers. A highlight being the sight of ref Aande shredding his referee’s outfit for BayCity B goalkeeping colours and producing a number of quality saves throughout the second half.

Asked about the tactic of playing two keepers, Captain Nutter said afterwards “we tried playing both at the same time but the ref spotted it.”

Unfortunately the bar at Baypoint is situated too far away from the pitch so I didn’t see who scored for Bay B or Herne Bay but I am sure the goal for Bay B was orgasmically super and the goal for Herne Bay was offside or a foul….

Lawrence Hall-Daniels

(Editor’s footnote:  Pity you couldn’t see the game from the bar, Lawrence!  This 1-1 draw with Herne Bay was one of the B Team’s best ever performances and results.)

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