9/11/2015: BayCity Strollers A 4 Margate 0

The packed fans around the Camp Nou in Sandwich sat in stunned silence, unable quite to believe their new state of the art scoreboard.

Yes, four nil to the home team against Margate. This had been billed as a close game.

The visitors brought energy and commitment. The home side countered with silky touches and fast running off the ball when the ref wasn’t looking.

What about the conditions? Dark floodlights, strong winds and enough leaves on the ground to stop an entire Southern East Train Timetable. A series of levellers that would surely favour the visitors.

Truly, the Barbarians were at the gates of Rome, gathered in the hope that, maybe with a bit of luck, Civilisation would be thwarted in its tracks.

The start was a tense affair. The BayCity A players knew only too well that the first twenty minutes of each half were the most important. Whoever scored first would win as long as they didn’t let the other team score.

Gradually the home side began to dominate: Passes were passed, blocks were blocked, shots were shot and goals came along at regular, and highly satisfying, intervals. Indeed, it could be said, that on the night BayCity A opened their legs and showed their class.

Coach McKellar wasn’t present as he was out scouting for new players but said afterwards, “My young players’ energy levels were fantastic. I am told that some of them still have the same legs they had five years ago”.

Captain Cadogan who contributed the best of the goals with a stunning 50 yard volley from a pass that was only a yard away from being inch perfect is one of those young players and has been for longer than most.  

Midfielder defender Kevin Joyce also scored on a rare journey up field. Striker Chris Le Corney collected a brace. This was team game (there is no i in walking football) but on reflection, the Man of the Match Award must go to him.

A spokesman for the clearly disappointed Margate side said “Not to win is guttering”.

On the final whistle the crowd cheered off their heroes. Some of applause was deservedly for new ref Alan Aande.  Referees, like most but not all of us, are human beings and Aande is no exception. He had a good game. 

However, just when the fans were reaching for their Horlicks and blankets there was another match….Yes …. Just like buses, pants and bad news, football matches now come in pairs.

The next match in this cornucopia of football was a friendly between Bay B Strollers and Herne Bay. The result a very creditable draw for both sides.

Both sides made light of the conditions and the late hour and produced a very entertaining game that thrilled the crowd and their carers. A highlight being the sight of ref Aande shredding his referee’s outfit for BayCity B goalkeeping colours and producing a number of quality saves throughout the second half.

Asked about the tactic of playing two keepers, Captain Nutter said afterwards “we tried playing both at the same time but the ref spotted it.”

Unfortunately the bar at Baypoint is situated too far away from the pitch so I didn’t see who scored for Bay B or Herne Bay but I am sure the goal for Bay B was orgasmically super and the goal for Herne Bay was offside or a foul….

Lawrence Hall-Daniels




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