16/12/2015: Canterbury WFC 1 BayCity Strollers A 4


(at Ames Levett Sports Centre, Canterbury)

BayCity took an early lead through a defensive howler when their striker pounced onto the loose ball and smashed it into the net from the edge of the D. Another great strike, this time from a sweet passage of play from the away side left the Canterbury team 2 – 0 down and staring into the abyss. Just before half-time an inch perfect pass from Canterbury defender Mundin, bypassed the BayCity midfield and found Phillips in space on the edge of the D with his back to goal. One touch, turn, left foot, back of the net. Half-time 1 – 2 and the home team are thinking, “We can do this!”

BayCity Coach McKellar pulled his squad into a huddle and disseminated pearls of wisdom, whilst the Canterbury lads took the opportunity to discuss tomorrows Christmas dinner. The professional approach to Walking Football paid off after the restart when Bay City went 3 – 1 up after another quality passing move left the home side chasing ghosts.

At one point Betts of Canterbury came close to serious injury after back-heeling the ball across the back line with the BayCity strikers bearing down like a pack of hyenas. Giant defender Mundin screamed at Betts, “Have you any idea how long it takes an ambulance to get here at this time of night!!!? Especially one that’s carrying a specialist spinal unit!!” I’ve never seen him so angry!

BayCity put the game to bed when their quality shooter* muscled past Phillips by the fence and fired the ball like an Exocet past a helpless Jan Knott in goal. (I’d have had him if slide tackles were allowed and there wasn’t a fence!)

Evaluation: BayCity deserved their win, but an improved performance from the Canterbury lads gives them some positives. Defensive errors combined with poor first touch combined to their demise, though some goal-scoring opportunities were also squandered. The BayCity ‘A’ side continue to display a good tactical awareness, excellent ball control skills and ability to take chances when they come along. Well done BayCity.

CWFC Man of the Match: Peter Morris, always shows in space to help out his team-mates, good tactical awareness, fit as a butcher’s dog.

(With thanks to Trevor Phillips for the report)


* BCS Man of the Match has to be Martin Millbank (the “quality shooter” mentioned above who scored all 4 goals!).

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