03/03/2024 : Baycity Strollers Over 50’s – First round of WFLA National Cup


Paul G – Goalkeeper

Dave B – Captain








Not sure where to start with this one? But here goes.


With Bay City’s Over 50s first league season over, it was now time for our first cup tournament which we went into with a fairly open mind.


With seven teams entered everyone had eyes for one of the top three places which guaranteed a place in the next round.


Up first for Bay City was favourites Bexley. Unfortunately for Bexley, we came out guns blazing and matched them all the way which they were not expecting.  Apart form their main attacker who kept our defence on their toes, we gave them a good run for their money and it was only the help of the post that earned them their two-nil win; so we went straight into the next match with heads held high.


Next up was Canterbury who were obviously in it to win it! 

Despite going two-nil down Bay City thought back and levelled the score with another valiant effort of teamwork and discipline and should have come away with all three points. Final result 2 – 2


Next up was Woodchurch who we know like to put up a good fight. Despite it being a very competitive match Bay City had the edge throughout, but we just couldn’t get past their keeper or their woodwork.
Final result 0-0 


Game number 4 was against Aylesford and by now Bay City were playing well together and finding a good rhythm which saw us playing some great, but simple football, which paid off with three exceptionally well taken goals. Despite playing four games in a row with a break Bay City were showing that they were here for the battle of the fittest as well! Final result 3 – 0 to Bay City


Finally, a much needed and well-earned break for 30 minutes and a chance for everyone to regroup and chill out.


Game number 5 was against Kings Hill which again saw Bay City carrying on the momentum with some well worked set pieces that were again capitalised on with three more well taken goals; including a blinding goal from Phil.  As the game went on Kings Hill seemed to run out of steam which allowed us to control the rest of the game. Final result 3 – 1 to Bay City


Game number 6 was against Maidstone. This was a game that we didn’t know what to expect but despite some now tired legs, knocks and bumps, Bay City came out and controlled the game from the off.  Despite the game being the most heated and physical, Bay City kept composed and played probably their best football of the whole competition. Despite Pete getting two warnings it was Maidstone who ended the game with five players, allowing Bay City to win triumphantly and claim second place in the competition. Final result 3 – 0 to Bay City


With Peter, Jason, Phil and Ade all getting on the score sheet with eleven exceptional goals between them, it meant Bay City were unexpected runners up earning a place in the second round along with competition winners Bexley and third place Canterbury.


Overall, this was an excellent team effort with everyone playing their part especially Phil, who picked up an injury halfway through but managed to keep on going playing some exceptional football throughout the competition.


Also, a big thank you to Paul G for some amazing goalkeeping which was probably the overall highlight of the day with all keepers pulling off some amazing saves throughout the competition.


It must also be said that the competition was organised and run extremely well with all games played in good spirits.


On to the next round.






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