01/05/2019 : Minutes of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Minutes of AGM held on Wednesday 1st May 2019

1 Welcome from Chairman 

Peter Worley welcomed members to the Club’s 5th AGM. He summarised the main points from the 2018 AGM and the minutes were approved and signed. Nominations for committee posts had been previously requested. As none had been identified prior to the meeting, this was not discussed. 

Peter drew the members’ attention to the Club website www.baycitystrollers.co.uk This had been updated considerably. He asked for more members to submit their profiles. 

He concluded by saying that we have had another successful and enjoyable year and called on the other Committee members to present their annual reports. 

2 Report from Club Captain 

Peter Cadogan reported that it had been a successful year with the club competing on several fronts: Overs 50s League, over 60s Tournaments and The National League. Results have been good. He was particularly pleased to report that 3 of our players have been called up to represent their country. 

3 Report from the Club Coach 

John McKellar felt that this had been a very good year. He felt that the club was in a very good place. He pointed to the fact that there is a strong core of players who have been with the club since its inception. He really enjoys Monday evenings and thanked the committee members for their constant support throughout the year. He particularly thanked Chris le Corney for his work on promoting the over 60s team. 

4 Financial report from the Treasurer 

Martin Millbank passed out copies of the Club’s accounts. The club has made a slight deficit but this was due to the purchase of playing kit. However, the club still has a very healthy balance of over £900. 

Martin was asked if it would be helpful for players to pay their weekly subs by standing order. This could be done on a voluntary basis. 

Action Point: Martin to send details of how to pay by standing order to Lawrence to be sent to all members. 

5 Membership report from The Secretary 

Lawrence Hall-Daniels reported that membership numbers are good, with over 40 paid up members. This is roughly the same as last year. However, it was noted that numbers for Monday night have increased. We are now getting over 20 most nights. He looked forward to a high number renewing their membership in August. 

6 Player Awards 

John McKellar announced this year’s player awards. – The coach’s player of the year: Stephen North
– The players’ player of the year: Kevin Joyce
– The award for best own goal: Terry Brown 

7 Discussions Points 

i) No Running & Non-Contact 

There was a lively discussion about the continual need to reduce running and contact. Peter Cadogan pointed out that the refereeing in the Regional tournaments is much stricter and this allows the games to flow better. 

Rob Rae pointed out that we need to make sure that new members are made more aware of the Club’s stance on this issue. Although new members are provided with the Club’s Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure, it was felt that we need to reinforce this. 

Action Point: Look into a possible induction package for new members. This could include providing them with a mentor for their first night. 

Action Point: start using 2 referees on matches on Monday night. Use card and sin bin to keep the focus on tackling and running. 

ii) Refereeing on Monday nights 

John McKellar reported that there was a Walking Football refereeing course/workshop. He asked for members to attend with him. A number of members were willing to do so. 

Action Point: John to email members with details. 

On discussion if was felt that one of the ways to combat running/tackling was to have a rota for members to referee on Monday night. 

Action Point: Refereeing rota to be drawn up asap and distributed to members 

iii) 5th anniversary trip to Edinburgh 

Rob Rae and Rob Lynn are looking into the possibility of organising a special Walking Football weekend trip to Edinburgh. This would be an excellent way to celebrate our 5th anniversary. 

The proposed trip is for the weekend of 7th/8th/9th September 2019. Approximate cost will be £350-400 per person. 

Action Point: Rob to distribute details to members 

iv) Scheduling for over 50s and over 60s league and tournament games and how we move forward next year 

We had a discussion regarding problems that have occurred with the scheduling of over 50s and over 60s league/tournament games. 

There have been cases in the past where these have clashed and this has led to us not being able to field a full team. 

Some of this is down to events beyond our control. There is a possibility that over 50s league matches may be played in a round-robin format which would certainly ease this problem. 

Any other business

There was no other business.


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